martes, 31 de mayo de 2016

Work in progress

Hi to you all! Here's some updates...
We're working in some project that we hope they see the light some time soon. Meanwhile yesterday I, Hiram started a new card game! I'm just working on the mechanics and trying put all ideas together, but that's how creativity works. So stay tuned cause soon there be more games and also a comic!
-Hiram Vazquez

domingo, 29 de mayo de 2016

Finally our 1st entry... woohoo!

Well... hi people! as you can see this is our first blog entry. We Cilindro Cubico are a indie comics, board and card game company located at Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Right now we are developing many games and some comics, hoping that soon they will be available to all of you to read and play. Has a token of gratitude for those of you who stop by, we will share one of our first projects for the Print and Play community, Viernes 13: Jason en San Juan (Friday The 13th: Jason in San Juan) Board game. This board game is a fan made tribute mostly to Viernes 13, a song made by urban songwriter and singer Vico-C and Friday The 13th franchise. Hope you enjoy playing and for those of you that know about the song, hope through this game can remember and have fun playing and singing the song.

-Hiram Vazquez and Joseph Soto.

PS: Thanks to all the testers!

Friday The 13: Jason in San Juan Board game (English Version)

Viernes 13: Jason en San Juan (Versión en Español)
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